Wednesday, July 8, 2015

30.VII.2015: the ARRIVAL

Perwszy Transfer: Warszawa 

Downtown Warsaw
Kolezanke: Siostra Gammon i Siostra Pierson

Me and Siostras G i P
"I am in Poland! And I have all my luggage!" 
-that was exciting because we barely made our flights, one plane was delayed right after another. Our last flight from Munich to Warsaw was rescheduled because we didn't make it despite all of our running and billowing skirts in the airport. We made it thought,m safe and sound with all of our luggage. Our first night Sister E made real food. Those hungry nights in the MTC are in the past, because the food here in Poland is najlepszy (the best!)

I quickly came to learn a few things upon arriving in Poland:
1) Polish is a wonderful but crazy language, i understand about 10% of what people say and i think they understand me even less. Just kidding it is not that bad, they are all so sweet and say "Oh but your polish is so good, you've only been studying for 2 months?" 
2) they do have peanut butter and it is so good. 
3) many people speak english

There is is much to say and I don't know how much time I will have. We write our emails in a Public library and I do not really know how long we have. There are also red squiggly lines underneath every word I write because the computre doesn't recognize these English words I am typing, so I apologize if the spelling is way off. 

Maybe I'll just share some experiences and then if I have time I will share some pictures, dobsze?

Yesterday was my first Sunday in Poland and my first time attending sacrament meeting tylko po polsku. The Branch is small but the people are strong. I enjoyed hearing the testimonies shared, many members talked about eternal families and the temple. 

After Sacrament we helped out in the primary/nursery. There were about nine children in total. Polish children are so very cute, when they talk it doesn't matter what they say because little children speaking Polish might just be the cutest thing ever. 
"nie moge" (I can't) M would always say when jej m asked her to do something. There little high voices and oh my goodness it is seriously the best.
We sang Jezus wants me for a sunbeam for singing time. Sister g studied piano at BYU for two years so she was our pianist. 

the first verse of Jezus chce bym byl promykiem goes like this:
Jezus chce bym byl promy-kiem
i swietcil dzien po dniiu:
sta-ral sie zawsze zyc dobrze
i wiernie slu-zyl mu

promykiem, promykiem
jezus chce bym byl promy-kiem
promykiem, promykiem, 
promykiem bede wiec dzis

every day I try to record a funny moment from the day and a miracle. Siostra B had shared with us that she had done that on her mission. I will be filling up a lot of journals I guess while I am here. Anyways the funny moment for Sunday was we taught a member fro the Phillipines in the evening and she gave us a box of chocolates alogn with more chocolate. As we rode the bus home after our meeting I offered k woman) one before talking about the church.

One of our companionship goals this transfer is to talk to at least one person each time we ride the ram/autobus/metro. Slowly I am becoming a little savy on all of this transportation. At least that is what I think until my companions start going the other way. All in good time I suppose.

The other story I wanted to share was my FIRST DOOR TO DOOR CONTACTING. We were in the other sisters area (Siostra Cand K.) I was with Sister K and the first door we knocked on a man answered. His name was A. Anyways he said, "normally I wouldn't invite you in, but today I feel like I will." He said he would give us five minutes to talk.Sister K can understand Polish much better than I can. We went inside and as always we wre offered some tea or coffee. The other great thing about Polish people is that they love tea- I am defrintiely in the right place! He had many questions, we talked about the first vision, temples, baptism, piligamy, homosexuality- you name it, we talked about it. He was 100% Catholic like almost everyone we meet, but what I love about Polish people is that they are so open and happy to talk abotu religion. They are so eager to listen and to learn, even if it is not there own belief. We had probably been there about twenty minutes when we hear a knock on the door, he goes and ansqwers it. Then three sister missionaries: Sister P, G, and C all walk in. We were sitting around a small table in his kitchen talking about the gospel, it was so fun and he was so kind and patient with us. When one person shared their testimony, he would look to the sister next to her and say "now it is your turn," and then we would go in a circle. We took a couple "selfies", a universal word I thought was just maybe American. We invited us to comre back again, his sister will be in town this week so we will have to stop by!

Anyways it is fun. The people are so wonderful and each day there is a little experience where I think to myself, "even if the rest of the day was going to bad (which it never is) this experience was worth it."

I can easily forbget the heat, the humidity, and the little sleep when I pray and make the decision to be happy. I know the families are eternal and I am so thankful for my own family. I talk alot about families with the people I meet, they ask, "if your fmailiy is so important, then why are you hear so long?" I know the message I have to share has been and is a blessing in my own life. Knowing that I will be with my family brings me joy and helps me be a better person, we are only closer and stronger as a family because of the the gospel. I feel responsible to share this message with others, my hope is that I can help others come unto this knowledge because I know it will bless their lives too. 

Until next week! Dowidzenia, 
Siostra Young