Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! but this week TRANSFERS

the week started out with a loving exchange with Siostra B. She serves in Warsaw II and so I spent some time in a new area. Siostra B has a lot of love. She loves the people and over the exchange I really came to love the people we met with too. It helps too when you share a message over a cup of warm tea. (Stinging nettle boiled with a mint tea bag added to the pitcher.) We delivered homemade banana bread, read poetry to an old lady, and visited with a young American mother. I had nevr felt so edified and uplifted by the Spirit as we did our best to bring the Spirit into the homes of the people.

Then as you already maybe know, K baptism was on saturday! I admire this girl so much, she is a wonderful example to me. Her faith and desire to continue learning and treasuring up the gospel, the scriptures and the history of it all is... words can not describe how wonderful it is. I learn so much form her, about the people in Poland and the Jewish people in the scriptures. In General Conference there was a talk, is it wonderful to you? The gospel of Jesus Christ is delicious and truly wonderful, it will add light to your life and help you share light with others. Kaja's light shines so brightly and I am so thankful that I was able to be there as she was baptized.

and the rest of the week was a blur. We had our culture night as a district and visited the Copernicus Museum. I have some really fun pictures from that, however it takes so long to upload them, maybe I will send some later. Then we also had Sport Saturday, we had some members come and investigators and played some basketball. (My skills are lacking but I tried.)
The next thing I knew I got a phone call from President E for transfers.

I spent the last few days visiting with the people we have been teaching. My favorite night was spent at the C family, they had us over and we shared some scriptures and bore our testimonies. I met Brother C for the first time, he shared his testimony and his favorite scripture as well. Teaching families in their homes is maybe the greatest feeling ever. Especially bcause it was the C family, the parents met in Mexico and it felt like we were in Mexico for a bit. The kids are lovely and I will miss them. -i'll be sending a picture
I also ate my first Polish Pączek (rose flavored) -i'll be sending a picture
And I said goodbye to my lovely A and my favorite Polish twins, H and E.
Now, I'll be serving in, any guesses?
G! With my fabulous Aussie companion Siostra G. Next week I'll tell you all about it.