Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 4: Puznia, zawsze puznia

Jestem Siostra Young. I am Sister Young.
First name: Siostra
Last name: Young
I seem to have a bit of an identity crisis. I think if you were to call me by my given name, there is a good chance I would not think to respond.

Already I am almost finished my fourth week at the MTC. Sestra Rusick will be receiving her flight plans tonight and she will only be here one more week. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Slight panic attack as there is still so much to learn!

Classes this week have been the best. We started to learn cases which most people are usually not excited to learn, but not me! Finally I am able to form correct sentences. Before when I formed sentences my teachers would correct my grammar and then say, "you'll learn about it later." Puznia, zawsze puznia. (Later, always later.) Teraz jest puznia! (Now it is later!) In the MTC we will learn 6 cases and then there will be a few more to learn in the field. This week we covered 2: Biernik  and Mianownik. Cases effect the form a word takes i jest bardzo wazny jesli chesz mowisz po polsku correctly! Siostra craig and I joke that Polish sometimes looks like someone hits random letters on the keyboard and then say it is Polish. vjdklagreahgjklerahgjkae 

On Sunday we watched a recording of a talk Elder Bednar gave to the MTC some years ago. It is called the Character of Christ and it has been one of my favorite talks at the MTC so far. In summary, the character of Christ includes turning away from self and turning towards God. When we turn inwards we become fascinated with the "self", the natural man. When we turn outwards not only are we serving others, but he said:

"Lose yourself in others, come unto Christ, and you'll find yourself."

His words resonated with me as I recall having thought to myself many times, "I need to go and take some time off and travel the world. I need to find myself." Word for word that last bit has definitely come out of my mouth. After listening to President Bednar speak though I realized I will never find myself when I am obsessed and concerned with the search for "self". I know the times I have learned the most about myself and have more confidence is when I am not focusing on myself. Maybe not necessarily in the present moment of service, but upon reflection am I brought back to the learned experiences. 

This whole week my companions and I have been commenting on one another's actions and remarking, "Whoa you're really turning outwards!" when one of us holds the door open for the other or when ever we do something kind. Or sometimes, "You're not letting me turn outward!" Turning so much can get complicated. 

However I do know this, that as we strive to turn outwards and serve others, we will become more aware of the many opportunities we can help one another. We will also become more aware of the needs of others and how we can best help them. 


saying goodbye to the Tahitian sisters <3

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