Monday, September 21, 2015

This week was crazy busy.

This week was crazy. Crazy busy and crazy fun. I think there were some days where Sister G and I only speed-walked to and from appointments, maybe even a light jog.
First exciting news... everyone ready? Drum roll please! M. K. has a baptism date. A beautiful beautiful sweet date of baptism. Her husband has been a member for five years and she has been coming
to Church and participating. I wish I could say it was a result of Sister G's awesome companionship and Spirit but no. The Spirit is the teacher here and there have been many other missionaries and members who have helped her progress to this decision. She is so sweet and sassy, the branch needs her.
I learned from M that Heavenly Father has his own plan for each of us and that he prepares each of us individually for what will come next in the future.
Thursday we had mission conference, so we woke up at 4 20 IN THE MORNING to catch a train to Warsaw. Oh baby were we ever exhausted. We made up a song though about Pączki which we hope to record later. Whenever we go by tram or train, the pączki are there.
President K shared some fabulous words with us. We talked about missionary work from the start of our day, what we do, how we do it, and why. We talked about finding, contacting, and teaching. We also talked about the Spirit and feeding the people milk as opposed to meat because sometimes too much information all at once is not what they need. Who would have thought? Jokes już wiem.
Then we traveled home to our warm beds and enjoyed a blissful sleep. 

while at her mission conference, siostra young ran into one of my(sydney) fellow sister missionary's sister! small world :)
Friday we were able to work with K in YW again. I remember when I was in YW. How exciting is was to work on the goals and set my own. We are going to try to teach her YW on Sundays (she is the only one and has been going to primary for the two hours because there is also no Sunday school for her.) She was so excited. Smiles and fists were pumped into the air. Unfortunately she has been sick and couldn't make it on Sunday, but next week!
Then Saturday was the mother-load of appointments and running around. Our first meeting went a little over and so did the rest. Bit by bit we became more and more behind in our appointments. Our first was with the lovely Jadwiga who doesn't speak much English besides, "please sit down Madam." Ja made us nalaśniki! She had me do the mixing.

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