Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Miracle Referral!

K G, our miracle referral! I don't know what I have shared recently, between talking with my comp, my family, my journal, i tak dalej, I often forget what has been said już and what I want to say. I promise to put more effort into these little updates!
We have been teaching K fror quite a while now. Last week we met with her on Tuesday. Then we returned to go and help her clean her apartment. I thought of my Mum and how she never asks to help, she just starts doign something. So we practically invited ourselves over and cleaned for a couple of hours and then shared a lesson.

The next day her Dad, K texted us and asked us if we could go and check on K because she was feeling unwell and he was at work. So being the flexible missionaries we are, we rearranged some plans so that we could make it to Gydnia thanks to Elder and Sister T, the senior missionary couple. Poor K's body hurt, her condition causes for some unpleasant days.

We helped her. We loved her. We made her lunch, and took her beast of a dog Krowa (cow) for a walk. Then Elder T (President too I guess because he is the Branch President) gave K a blessing. Afterwards there was much peace, we left hoping we had been able to help.
Then came Sunday. K had accepted the invitation to come to Church this Sunday! Because she is kind of confined to a wheel chair, Sister Grgich and I wanted to make her first time visitng as pleasant as possible. We met her in G where we took a train back to for church. After sacrament she looked at me and told me it was all lovely! We talked about the wonderful family atmosphere and the warmth from the members. She was the greatest and such a blessing to have in Relief Society. She participated and everything. The members and her interacted- było finiej. I have so much respect for this young woman.
Then afterwards we all went over to the Taggart's for dinner!

Sister G and I love K. She says "hi" to you all as well. Her countenance is one of gratitude and humility- I can not imagine finer qualities. She gracefully removes herself from her wheel chair and to the ground as others asssit her onto the train. First they move her wheel chair and then they pick her up and help her back into her wheel chair. She does it all calmy and with dignity. (I get a little mad at the lack of thought gone into providing all the trains and trams with ramps for wheel chair access...) This beauitful woman and her beautiful Spirit touches me. Her desire to learn more as she has been searchign so long for truth helps me value the truths that I do know, which I treasure up. 

The funny moments from this week almost all came when we were with K. The best was when Sister G checked her phone after dinner at the T's her Dad, K had texted us (yeah we are close like that) and he asked, "czy moje dziecko żyje......? :)<3" (Is my child alive?)
Anyways I'll try to send some pictures from Westerplatte, but you'll have to look up the historical significance on your own, nie ma czasu this week to explain!

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