Tuesday, October 20, 2015


the T's are the senior missionary couple here in Gdańsk. They are the greatest and I commend them for their hard work and diligence. They don't speak any Polish although President (he is the Branch President) T does his best and tries very hard. He is not bad, probably better than me! 

This week we did some detective work with the T's. We have a bunch of records for members in the Branch, funny because there are not very many members in sacrament meeting! AHA! So we are trying to go out and find some people who maybe need help or got lost. 
On our way to E z Taggartami samochódem, we were driving along and I offered the T's one of my favorite little biscuits I keep in my bag. They said, "no thanks," and we kept on driving to E.
We were out to visit A, a lady who should she still be around, would have ONE HUNDRED YEARS on Christmas day. Her neighbour informed us that she actually moved away twenty years ago to the US and that she is probably, ona prawdopodobnie nie żyje. (We didn't have a number to call before hand which is why we had to drive all the way there.) Polish people are notorious for moving around and well, finding them is impossible. Like I said, it is detective work!
On our way back to G I start eating my biscuits, they come in a pack of four. THEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN SISTER G OFFERS MY BISCUITS (MINE NOT HERS) TO THE TS! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? I was so upset, especially because the Ts said yes, I begrudgingly gave them each a biscuit with a forced smile on my face and well I kinda threw the last one at Sister G. (I am not too proud of myself here) I was mad and OCD. I really looked forward to eating the other biscuits with my tea when I got home.
Well it didn't take me too long to realize yes I can be very OCD and that I should have been grateful for the opportunity Sister G opened up for me to share and love. This experience cause me to reflect a bit about service and loving others.
How easy it is for each of us to schedule in time to go and volunteer or help someone in need. Great, that's the service for the day and CHECK! We like to serve when we want to serve.
I learned: it is the times when we are reluctant to do something good that we should do them. In my case it was sharing my biscuits with the Ts and my companion. The Saviour did not just love the people as he desired, he did not just help one person and considered his work for the day complete. He did not just atone for out sins and moved on with life. NO! It is the encompassing compassion of the Saviour that endures and touches our lives every moment of every day when we enable it to. He loves us and is ALWAYS there.
3 Nephi 27:27 "therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am."
Moroni 10: 32 "Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God ye are perfect in Christ, ye can in nowise deny the power of God."
Christ is our perfect example. As we strive to follow him in all that we do and say, we become better and we will learn- we will learn of his love for us and for others. When we try to love as the Savior loves, we will love more perfectly.
I thought I was justified in begrudging act of handing over my biscuits. It seems so silly to me now I KNOW. However instead of thinking about being a good person as a checklist and filling in a check box each day, it is the continuation of collecting check-marks that matters more. It is going out of our way and serving and loving others when maybe seems inconvenient to us that matters the MOST.

This was my lessons which I learned that made an impact on me and how I can love and serve more fully. I hope maybe it can help others and their pursuit to serve. I understand that my head can be a little thick at times and well, I get to learn some things the silliest of ways but hey hope it helps and makes sense!

​-me and the pigeons (filthy animals)

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