Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Commonwealth Companionship part 2

(I am in G one more time! God really loves me.)

Let the Common Wealth companionship continue to preach the gospel. And Prezydent E put Sister Grgich and Sister Young together once more and took a step back, he nodded it head and must have said, "it is good."
Do you know what else has been good? This whole weekend. The amount of happiness oozing out of this Sister missionary is... maybe concerning. Okay so STORY TIME!

First we went to the zoo and I pet a kangaroo. Sister G got to say hello to her mates. (That was our culture night which we turned into culture day.)

​Then I went to Warsaw and was reunited with Sister C as I had to go to the Urząd for some paper work. I now have a residence card. Sister C bless her lovely heart made me pumpkin pie! Okay well she made Sister G and I pumpkin pie. FROM A PUMPKIN! Not from a can you get at Smith's grocery store but a real pretty orange pumpkin. What a domestic goddess. 
Okay then we found Joseph Smith. Kinnnnnnnd of. The Taggartmobile took us less active finding and we were looking for a member J. S. which is practically the same name. Anyways it was creepy and dark out. We used the GPS which doesn't do much when in Poland but it got us in the right area. After some knocking around and chatting with the people we found out his home is further down the road. Back in the car we go and well we start driving down the road. FINALLY after thinking we missed it we saw a sign telling us his address. We pulled up and Sister T stayed in the car, she gets the heebie-gajeebies sometimes, and got out. We're knocking on the doors, knocking on the windows. Someone is inside but not answering and it is dark so we are poking our way around with a flashlight. Then there is another house on the property and we ask the man smoking a cigarette if he knows J. J comes out and so we are able to talk with him and his creepy buddies who think they can go on dates with us. Polish people. Anyways HE was kind and very polite. Niestety (unfortunately) he does not have interest in coming back to Church at the time being. We were able to share a few things with him and he was very touched that we came out all this way to find him. It has been years since he has had contact with the Church. (Well no wonder, he lives in the middle of nowhere!) His 8 year old daughter A came out and we talked with her for a bit too. We hope to return around sometime before/around Christmas and who knows, maybe things will be different. I BELIEVE IN CHRISTMAS MAGIC, czyli miracles.
Saturday we found out we will remain together for this next transfer. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!

Then BOOM it was and I think yesterday was my favorite day since being in Poland. It started out with a delicious bowl of cereal and a brisk walk to the church building. The weather was on point. Then in sacrament we had another miracle! A man from Ukraine who had out of the blue called Sister G some time ago came and brought his Polish fiance. He had met with the missionaries in the Ukraine and is here hoping to stay in Poland. TWO POTENTIALS PEOPLE. A POTENTIAL COUPLE. A BEAUTIFUL HAPPY COUPLE! I love Ukrainians and my Ukrainian heritage. Thank you GRANNY! Anyways so they will be coming to English this week and we will see about setting up and learning more about them. 

Next we taught K (YW). Miałyśmy lekcę o cierpliwości. K is sharp for an almost 14 year old girl and having YW lessons is not only fun for us but it really makes a difference. She normally would be with the primary kids (aka her brother and sister + Klaudia) for the other two hours. Sometimes I see a little fist pump in the air when we tell her we have a lesson for her.
THEN IMPROMPTU PRIMARY LESSON dla K od mnie. Wienz the last hour of church some people had left so there was no one in Primary except lonely K because her mum is in RS. I see her sitting at a table playing on a tablet and was reminded of the gazillion of times I was all alone in Church (well alone in the sense that there weren't other kids) and how much it meant to me when someone would through something together for me.

-well there you have it, I had to think fast and accomadate her short attention span and mine. Oh and not to mention the language barrier, but she is always happy to correct my spelling and I mean she is one of the few people who actually understands what i am trying to say! The green letters say, "God created the earth for (the purpose of) us, we are thankful for the planet which we live." Then we drew things we are thankful for and labeled them, such as our families, stars, seasons, temples, the Book of Mormon, lego... you know, the works!

Church was great and I really worked on talking with the members, especially the ladies and finding times we could meet and ways Sister Grgich and I can help. LOVE AND SERVICE make the world go round. That and gravity and other forces but... wiecie o co mi chodzi.
Still the day is not over! Okay so then French Toast at the Taggarts, było smaczny.
THEN O. Sister G and I met O trackting a couple weeks ago but due to us being sick and busy and her being sick and busy, we were only able to meet for the first time last night. What a beautiful daughter of God. She is 23 and studying ecology and one of the many Universities. She had a short contact with some missionaries many months ago on the streets and that was it. She was surprised when we knocked on her door. (They all are.) Anyways we had a lovely lesson in the chapel, we showed her around and got to know each other a little better. She patiently listened to me as I told her about our loving Heavenly Father who reveals his gospel to prophets. Sister G would then politely clarify the things which I said. We proceeded to teach as so and then we were talking about the Book of Mormon. She asked questions like, "Where should I start reading?" And, "When can we meet again?"
WHOA I AM SORRY, who are you? Are you even real?
Happy feelings all around for O. We set to meet with her for alter in the week. Sister G and I may have skipped home...
THEN TODAY IS THE DAY! M IS GOING TO BE BAPTIZED! I have to give a talk on the Holy Ghost po polsku, we'll see how that goes. I guess you'll just have to wait to hear about it all until next week!

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