Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dzien Dobry!

Dzień Dobry!

Sister Dekker and I started our week out in the beautiful Szczeciń! We were on exchanges there and it was a blast. 

First we had an awkward long train ride. Then when we got there we got to meet some members at FHE. I had a sweet conversation with Jan, a fellow cello player. Excuse our awkward picture, but we're pretending to play the cello. Unfortunately he sold his a while ago, so we are both missing the sweet music. We were able to find solace as we talked about our favorite songs, it was like talking abut a common old friend.

Then well, we did what sister missionaries to best at the end of the night. Sister Dekker was especially excited for this bit because it was her favorite treat back home. We had peanut butter and oreos. You dip the oreo into peanut butter. I don't think I could have found more happily satisfied sister missionaries in all of Europe that night. (It was good, maybe not my favorite, but I do love peanut butter!)

Anyways we had fun with the Szczeciń sisters, we had a spiritual district meeting there, ate kebabs, had a finding activity, met with some members, and taught English class. I finally got to meet the famous Ola! We have done some Skype lessons with her and with Kasia, so meeting her in person was too good to be true. 

The rest of the week went by so fast. We came back and got ready for our grill and sang at the old folks home. 

This week had some tender cello moments, first the talk with Jan and then while trackting before singing at the old folks home, Sister Dekker and I met the sweetest elderly couple. They let us in, we only had 10 minutes before we were supposed to sing, we had a lovely very fast "how-much-can-we-get-to-know-the-sister-missionaries-in-ten-minutes" meeting. They found out I played the cello and so I found myself even playing a little tittle on the cello. Then I was sitting at the piano playing. One right after the other. I felt so exposed! But also so blessed for being able to have them so enthusiastic and delighted. We didn't have long and they gave us their number so that we could set up for another time and share a bit about our beliefs. "You have to get to know the people and love them before you can teach them," is what everyone told me before coming out here. Well Sister Dekker and I sure love them!

We also had a fabulous Grill on Saturday, the food, games, hand-made decoartions by yours truly and with help from Kasia, and participation was so lovely! I will miss Janina, she is heading off to Thailand to work for a bit (what a crazy but absolutely delightful lady.) I will attach a picture of her of us at the Grill together!

Miłego tygodnia!
Siostra Young

SIDE NOTE: FAT THURSDAY is happening this week! It is a Polish celebration where we get to eat pączki all day (donuts). Sister Dekker and I are pretty pumped. I think this day might follow me back to North America afterwards. The Polish just know how to roll.  

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