Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New transfer: Sister D

One of our companionship goals this transfer is to try to talk with people a little more on the trams. In the past we've waited until the prime is time, in other words someone is looking straight at our badge on our left shoulder. Then we would ask them if they have seen missionaries like us before. 

Well unfortunately the prime situation doesn't happen all too that frequently and we do quite a bit of travelling! Sister Dekker and I hope to be a little more bold and to maybe jump into any situation and make it "prime." It is usually easiest just by talking Polish on the tram and then when we have a question, we can ask the presumed Pole sitting across from us. Sometimes I play the "I-am-just-a-twenty-year-old-Canadian-girl-living-in-Poland" card and so I ask random questions about the city. 

As we've been doing so, there have been some pleasant interactions. One older lady and her daughter who was visiting from the UK were so thrilled. The older lady has been trying to work on her English, (she is about intermediate level) and so we spoke to her in Polish and she spoke to us in English. We corrected each other as we did so. Anyways we told her all about our free English class and she was just so HAPPY and EXCITED! Needless to say things went well and we exchanged numbers and parted ways with a hug. Oh Sister Dekker and I were so warmed, it is the little things that can brighten our day (or in this case the freezing cold nights.)

Here are some other random bits from the week: 

​-on our way to zone training we picked up some rolls z makiem (poppy-seed). Sister Dekker's first and well unfortunately she doesn't quite enjoy them as much as I do, but that's alright!


-reunited with my MTC sister, sister Craig (all of the sudden the north zone feels a little warmer, Sister Craig has the biggest heart and is like a little beam of sunshine)

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