Tuesday, April 26, 2016

miłość - love

Well it is almost that lovey dovey sappy commercialized time of year again! I remember icing heart shaped sugar cookies with black icing in high school. My thoughts and feelings seem to have evolved over the last few years and I find myself looking forward to celebrating the love I have for others. Black iced sugar cookies still sound tasty to me, but it is a new time, a new chapter, with new people, and in a new place!

Last Thursday I got to celebrate me love for pączki. (I'm not actually a doughnut kind of gal', but hey, when in Poland, do as the Polish do.) Last Thursday was "TŁUSTY CZWARTEK!" In other words, "Fat Thursday!" It is a time before Lent and so people fill up on sweets before the period of fasting. Czyli it's doughnut time!

-people lining up to get there doughnuts

-here is me on my 2nd of four doughnuts for the day. I record for sisters in the mission this year was 18 pączki! I have so much Canadian pride for this lovely lovely Canadian Sister. (If you've been reading my blog, you'll probably be able to guess who it was.) My first two pączki were at Pellowski Bakery for brunch. So delicious and by far the best. Think Honey Crueller (my favorite, it is like eating a CLOUD!) from Timmies but better and with a hint of orange. 

This week Sister Dekker and I are looking forward to a very busy week last week of the transfer! There will be some train riding, flower surprising, English teaching, brownie baking, heart attacking, sweet beautiful member present lesson teaching (Svitlana came to Church and it was wonderful! She has made some really great connections and I am so thankful for our new Ukrainian member who moved up here from Białystok and for our RS president who served her mission in Russia. My Polish skills only stretch so far, I am still learning Pol-Ukrain-Russian.) cleaning, naleśniki eating, scripture reading, gospel studying, street contacting, apartment door knocking, volunteer singing, and so so very much more! I've learned to make the plans as bast as I can, then to let Heavenly Father take my plans and turn them into something even better- it has worked our pretty well for Sister Dekker and I so far!

President Uchtdorf said, "Love is the measure of our faith, the inspiration for our obedience, and the true attitude for our descipleship." 

This year I hope my loved ones know how much I love an care for them, they mean so much to me and help me be strong. I hope the people here in Gdańsk will fell how much Sister Dekker and I love them as we do our best to serve them. 

Happy Valentine's Day, 
Love Sister Young 

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