Thursday, June 18, 2015


CZAZ LEPCIEC! (time flies)

Next week we will be getting our flight plans! How is this possible?

This week the most exciting part was our Skype appointment. We skyped Ewa (Eva) in Poland, she is a member in Bydgoszcz and shared a short message with her. I loved every single minute of it, even if I only understood about 20% We shared a message about endurance, but more importantly enduring happily. I shared a quick story of the West Coast Trail. The hike was probably one the of the hardest hikes we had committed to. I quickly learned when that when my frame of mind was positive and excited, time flew by. In contrast, when I thought about myself and how difficult the hike actually really was, time did not only seem to drag on, but to freeze. I can thank my parents for that lesson! Life is not always easy, but if we go into each experience with a desire to endure and to learn, all will be well.

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