Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 6: Smacznego!

(for anyone future missionaries entering into the MTC, but let's face it, the only people who reads this blog is my family.)
1. when you have a cookie, heat it up in the microwave for 15 seconds. It'll taste like it just came out of the oven.
2. There is a salad bar/wrap bar. You can totally make a wrap on half of the shell then fold it in half, stick it in the microwave, and boom QUESADILLA. Smacznego!
3. there is oatmeal in the mornings, however it is way overcooked. I like to heat my milk up in the microwave and add some of the cinnamon granola. It is so good.
4. to make the soup a little more appetizing and the rice a little more appetizing, mix the two together.
5. when you go to the temple, go the cafeteria on the lower floor. As a missionary you are allowed and they have CELESTIAL WAFFLES.
6. Wednesdays they have ice-cream sundays for new missionaries coming in. Grab a plastic cup and fill up on candy. It is a good on the go snack.
7. I'll send pictures of my favorite salads when there is nothing else that looks worth eating
8. pray for a roommate from Utah because they will have tons of packages. Sestra Rusick had her own pantry
9. it is always nice to have a hot cup of tea every now and again

Well it is week 6 at the MTC! This week we had about 18 new missionaries come into our zone! We have new Croatians, Bulgarians, and Slovenians.
This Wednesday was a special treat, Siostra Craig and I were asked to Host the incoming missionaries, we helped them check in, get their books, i tak dalej. We actually did that last week but I could not remember if I mentioned that in my letter. However ten tydzien (this week) we were asked to be special guests in one of the orientation meeting. We were to be an example companionship for a door approach. We "knocked" on an investigators door and met with them. We greeted the investigators and asked them questions, setting the new missionaries up to start teaching. We found out our teachers had recommended us, so that was pretty cool. However meeting someone and getting to know them po angelsku jest trudny i a bit strange because we are so used to being personal in Polish. 

Our devotionals these past two weeks have been great. Last week was Elder Holland and then this week Elder Christofferson! Elder Christofferson answered some missionary questions he had been asked before. One question was about recognizing the Holy Ghost. He explained how recognizing the Holy Ghost is like learning a new language and the textbook to that language is the Book of Mormon. Sometimes I think of the Book of Mormon as a huge story, which it is, but it can also be a textbook and an instrument to help us become familiar with the language of the Holy Ghost.

This last week Siostra Craig and I had an amazing experience with out investigator Karina. When we taught her, we had prepared a lesson on the 10 Commandments. She wants to be baptized but is scared to ask her husband who struggles with some things. Anyways as soon as we started to teaching her, Siostra Craig and I did something we never really thought we would do- at least not until we were out in the mission field. We took our lesson plan and mentally kicked it to the curb. We felt impressed to share a different message with Karina and we were eld by the Holy Ghost. We taught an UNSCRIPTED UNPLANNED LESSON all in Polish. Sure our Polish was a little... tragic shall we say but the message was clear enough for Karina to hear. We read in first Nephi chapter three, we read in a circle and took turns. After the first ten verses or so we asked her what she thought. Her eyes lit up as she was excited to learn that while yes these stories were written long ago, they apply to her and her life. She learned that because Nephi had faith he was able to draw strength and that she could too. The lesson as a whole was by far our best lesson ever, but more importantly was how we were able to help Karina learn more about her loving Heavenly Father and how she can come closer to Him. 

What a week, I can not wait for the next!

"And I shall make you fishers of men" - Matthew 4:19

Madi food. 

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