Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 8 Nie moge sie doczekac!

Nie moge sie doczekac, tomorrow we will be getting out flight plans! 

Siostra Craig and I had another milestone in our lessons this week. We had another Skype lesson with Ewa and it was really exciting. I wrote in my planner right after we taught her...\

"our skype lesson with Ewa was the greateset! Siostra Craig and I were able to be ourselves and let our crazy/fun/excited personalities shine through, while keeping the Spirit of course."

What made this lesson different from our past lessons is we were able to engage Ewa as well as ourselves as re related experiences. The whole time we were smiling and focused on teaching people not lessons, which is KEY.

This week we also set up a baptismal date z Tomekim. 

Anyways this week has been great, the goal has been to "collect drops of awesome." Sister Melville, the Branch President's wife shared a talk which inspired Siostra Craig and I to "colelct drops of awesome." Example: you say your prayers today, great you collect a drop. Maybe you pick up some garbage, another drop. You hold the door open for someone, add a drop. You work out and fell great, another drop. Maybe you go out of your way to introduce yourself to someone sitting on a bench, hey add a drop. Anyways it is about collecting drops of awesome. Even if we do not fill ur bucket up with "drops of awesome," that is okay. Through the atonement and grace of Jesus Christ, our buckets can be filled. We are asked to try our best and that is all.

Thanks Mom! 

From Canada to Poland with love and a little spunk! 2 more weeks!!

"My Branch President's wife gave this to me. I don't even like nutella, I like Peanut Butter but desperate/stressful times call for stressful measures."

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