Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Miracle

Along with the festivities of the season, I was able to recognize a number of tender mercies or miracles. Each day in the month of December, I made a special note in my planner. At the end of the day I would write something down that I did not want to forget. Here are a few:

#christmasmiracle -Ilona got a job in Gdańsk! She will be moving here on the 23rd!! (3. XII)
#christmasmiracle -a former investigator let us into her home and we were able to have a delightful meeting/lesson with her. She invited us back. (5. XII)
#christmasmiracle -i translated Sister Grgich's testimony in fast and testimony meeting. The gift of tongues does exist! And well sometimes polish makes sense! (6. XII)
#christmasmiracle -i was able to translate for the senior couple and a member in a meeting! (sister Grgich was coming back from an exchange.) (9. XII)
#christmasmiracle -during a finding activity with the elders, a man walked by and gave each of us a krówka, onyl my favorite polish candy! It was so unexpected and such a surprising gesture of kindness. (12. XII)
#christmasmiracle -it's always a miracle when investigators/friends come to sacrament meeting. We had a couple show up and it was delightful. (20. XII)
#christmasmiracle -we were able to meet a Polish poetess who writes poems and verses for children. We met her while volunteering (also another mircale ebcause finding community volunteering opportunities has been a struggle!)
-while we were volunteering a lady told me I looked like Holy Mary. They love their Mary here. (21. XII)
#christmasmiracle -skyping my family and seeing them all well and healthy. Technology these day, it is such a blessing. (25. XII)
It's the little things that make the season all the more enjoyable. The pierniki here itself is a Christmas wonder. It is everywhere and it is so good! They have pierniki (gingerbread) icecream, truffles, cakes, bread, cookies, drinks- there is chocolate covered, glazed, fruit infused, sugar powdered, itd. All kidns basically. I wqas going to send a bunch of different pictures, but maybe I will do that another time. 
My favorite Polish traditions around this time of year have to do with Wigilia (Christmas Eve.) We spent Wigilia with Józef and Irean, the two kidnest people in maybe all of Poland. Dinner starts when the first star appears in the sky and then they always set an extra table setting for anyone who might be lonely and come by. I like that, it keeps us thinking about others and our neighbours. 
-wigilia (Christmas Eve dinner. Karp is the specialty. Oh and we're drinking Barszcz -beet soup!)

-Irena made the most gigantic cake I have ever seen. How this cake came to pass, I'm not sure. Most big cakes taste... not all that great. However those four sticks of butter must have done some wonders because it was delicous and fruity and not too sweet but rich and dark. Oh and so polish as there was a touch of alcohol in the candies on the top.  I'm done salivating now.

And well that was my Christmas in Poland. Also that was the last week of the transfer. You're probably all wondering what is going to be happening to me next! Esecially now that my little Koala is on her way back to her home country of mangos and musk flavoured candy. Well I will be staying in Gdańsk, our transfer will also be only 7 weeks this time. (They usually have a couple shorter transfers randomly through the year.) Currently I am in an internet cafe in Warsaw. I am waiting to pick up my baby. Prezydent seems to think training would be a good experience for me, zobaczymy! I am excited but also rather nervous for the change. On the bright side, the north zone will have the wonderful additional of Sister Craig in Bydgoszcz, she too will be training. We can struggle together! Maybe I will start a new hashtag and call it #trainertrauma !
I will miss my little Koala though, I know I couldn't have her all to myself forever! Now I get to take care of her queendom and make sure all of our hardwork doesn't fall apart :/
(i'll be sending some photos of us parting ways)

SZCZĘŚLIWEGO NOWEGO ROKU! happy new year! I'll see you all in the 2016. Assuming I make it out alive being a mission mom this transfer!

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