Tuesday, January 12, 2016


D E C E M B E R is here and the air smells oh so clear. Okay so rapping/rhyming has never been a talent of mine, sue me for trying. However I will rub in the fact that I am near the Baltic Sea and sometimes the air really is so clear and fresh smelling. Also the weather has been so mild as of lately, it makes up for the awful rain we had. However I recognize the rain was necessary for helping the leaves fall off the trees in order to prepare for the Winter season. 
Along with this season comes CHRISTMAS! I have been reading through some December Liahona's from over the year's. President Monson invited us this year to, 
"Take a peaceful moment to contemplate perhaps the most serene moment in history of the world- when all of heaven rejoiced with the message 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.' " 
He then shares some words from Bishop Tutu (the Anglican archbishop in South Africa), "Yes I am learning to shut up more in the presence of God." He would approach heaven with what he called a "kind of shopping list." But now, he said, "I think I am trying to grow in just being there. Like when you sit in front of a fire, and you don't have to be smart or anything. The fire warms you." 
President Monson, invites us to sit with the Lord and to let him warm us like a fire in the winter. 
In the Spirit of Christmas we had our Zone/Christmas conference. We met as the North Zone. Missionaries from Szczeczin, Gdańsk, Poznań, and Bydgoszcz all gathered together. There were some Polish kolendy (carols) sang, some yummy apple cake eaten, spiritual thoughts shared, and gifts exchanged which we are now supposed to give to a Polish person.These are the sisters, minus Sister Sloan:

-Presydent Edgren may have given me a box of grape nut cerael. Our love for the fibrous cereal is something we have in common.

The red skirt is one of my miracle skirts from the MTC. I don't know if I already shared the story. If not... Mum you'll have to let me know, stay tuned for next week! 
Do zobaczenia!
-Siostra Young

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