Tuesday, January 12, 2016

the LAST transfer with Sister G

I never really know what to write. Sometimes I think, hey give them a spiritual thought, or a personal experience, or maybe just a cute story will do. Then after e-mail time is said and done, i think OPE i forgot to mention... i tak dalej. 

In the spirit of Christmas we have been taking up a spirit of service! Funny as our whole time here has missionaries is a spirit of service.

Last week we went, "snowflaking". We met up with our one and only Young Women and well... this is how one goes snowflaking in Poland. 
1. get in touch with your YW
2. cut out some lovely snowflakes 
3. go to the address of the person you will be "snowflaking"
4. awkwardly domofon all the apartments in the building to try and convice the neighbours to let you in (all in Polish of course)

​5. tape the snowflakes to the door 
6. leave a plate of cookies on the ground (homemade of course)
7. ding and ditch
8. treat everyone to some classy starbs (I recommend a soy steamer with gingerbread.) 

And well that is one of the things we did this last week along with out trackting, teaching, visiting, helping, studying, lots of -ings. 

Yesterday we volunteered at a dom opieki. We were part of the Wigilia celebration (Christmas Eve minus that where it is actually christmas Eve... but that is when they wanted to do their big dinner.) We sang kolęndy and they fed us a big traditional Polish feast afterwards. I think they were the ones serving us. 

NXT WK: update on transfer calls (I am pretty sure I'll be going to Australia z Siostrą Grgich) and well maybe a little note on Polish Pierniki. Also I might be emailing on Tuesday (plan for Monday but know that it might be tuesday) due to transfers. 

​-going to Australia, I FIT! (sidenote: i got to study marc chagall in one of my art classes and I was always perplexed at how he painted some of the angles of people's ehads... maybe he just imaginied them in suitcases... look at the Kiss)

WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT! xoxo sister Young

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