Tuesday, April 26, 2016

10 M O N T H S

Sister Craig sent me a little SMS this morning wishing me a Happy Ten Months. I've been a missionary for 10 months! "That's WILD!" as Sister Person would say. 

This week we had Zone training. Lucky me and Elder Cotou got to lead this one. It was crazy with all the interruptions we had in such a short time to plan it. However we managed and all was well. At the end I was so touched when people expressed their gratitude. I really didn't feel like I had done that much, but it was much appreciated afterwards. On the train ride home, I finally relaxed. Zone training? Check. 

A goal I hope to accomplish this transfer is feeling connected with the sisters. We are all so spread apart, it is easy to forget there are other sisters here. I am excited for exchanges. Both sets of sister will be coming here to Gdańsk! Sister Dekker and I are going to show them around our lovely area and the things we do. Czyli trackting trackting trackting. We actually don't get to go trackting as much as I would like. Believe it or not. We do do other things. We have our English course, english klub, YW, district meeting, other meetings, lessons, finding activities, we help members, we translate things, it's always changing. 

Last week I learned a valuable lesson, a lot can come from a small, simple, and genuine gesture. I had talked with a member a bit ago. He encouraged Sister Dekker and I to reach out to some people we had not successfully had contact with. We were counselling with him about our lack of contact with some people. We sent out a little note when we felt was appropriate, just letting people know we were thinking about them and that we cared. Well we have had contact with all of these people and we were able to have a meeting too! We're even set up for some more meetings this week. SO don't be afraid to reach out. A small, simple and genuine gesture can go a long ways. Nauka nie poszła w las. (The lesson did not go unlearned.)

-train ride to poznań for zone training. (Or is it Alberta?)

-siostra Sloan and I at Zone Training (also my mum wanted to see my new skirt I bought last Pday...)

-siostra Craig! I love her too much. I am so thankful to be on this journey with her. TEN MONTHS!! And well sometimes I scrunch my nose? 

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