Tuesday, April 26, 2016


First I thought I'd start things off with a "missionary nightmare." Early last week I had a dream that Zone conference was changed to Saturday Which meant that our meeting with the mum Ewalina would have to be changed! I thought "oh no! Do we have to go to zone conference?" Anyways that just shows how excited Sister Dekker and I were for this meeting with Ewalina. Thankfully it was just a dream and zone conference will be this Wednesday. 

Speaking of our meeting, boy oh boy was it an adventure to get out to her home! She lives a bit out of town so we had to catch a bus. The problem with the bus is that not all of the bus stops are labeled clearly. We asked someone on the bus at one of the stops if it was the one we were looking for, they said yes. We got off the bus. It wasn't the right stop. And the next bus wasn't coming for at least an hour. We may have panicked a little because we are out of the city and away from trams. We didn't really know what to do. Our lesson with Ewaline was supposed to start within the next 15 minutes. We didn't really have many options. 

I maybe tried stopping some passing cars, most of them just smiled and waved. THEN we saw one car slowing down as it dropped someone off at a store. We went up to the car to ask for directions. The man pulled out a map and told us we had about 3ish km left to go. We smiled and said thanks and started to get on our merry walking way. He then offered us a ride which we enthusiastically took in a heart beat. He really was a miracle. Not only that (you're going to love this Sydney and Dad) He was German and from Hambourg! His wife is Polish and so they were here for the week visiting with family. I love old German men! We thanked him over and over again, told him a bit about why we were there. It was so cool! And we made it our meeting on time! (Sorry mum you're probably not too big of a fan of that story.)

It just shows that Heavenly Father has a plan and that he isn't going to let two young sister missionaries who accidentally get off at the wrong stop prevent his work from going forth. Which is a comfort to us because we make lots of mistakes. He always provides a way. 

The day got better though as we met with mum Ewalina in her home! That was my first meeting with a Mum and in her own home! It was glorious! We are hoping to go back there after the holidays. 

Well exchanges are over for the transfer. It was such a delight to have Sister Kamp and Craig up here in our beautiful city. Serving with Siostra Craig for a just a bit of time was so fun. It is remarkable to see the growth from our time in the MTC. Her Polish so so beautiful too. I really admire her confidence and faith to go out and find those miracles. I feel like she is always marching somewhere or to someone, following the Spirit and going where she needs to go. She is so great and such an example to me. 

-Siostra Craig's foot is kinda... out of commission so we went for a early morning walk for out exercise in the pretty park

-saying goodbye to our Bydgoszcz siostry

I am though so happy to be with my lovely companion Sister Dekker. After our exchange we kind of momentarily collapsed again a wall and closed our eyes.

Well because it is Spring I thought I would share one of my favorite talks by President Uchtdorf, called the Reflection in the Water. Here is the link:

and here is a picture from one of our morning runs in a beautiful park we just recently discovered. It's been right by our apartment this whole time!

​-in polish a swan in łabędż

Happy Easter! Love you, 

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