Tuesday, April 26, 2016


"DUNG" has done it again, another great week in Gdask. (Young + Dekker = DUNG) We're pretty fond of our companionship name, I mean not every companionship can refer to themselves as "Dung" now can they? 

And well that is what looks like is on our faces in these photos with Kasia! (Wait the photo is on Sister Dekker's camera and she left it behind... so next week!) Basically we made natural face masks for Young Women's and it included some mashed banana and some oats. 

I think my favorite moment this week was fast and testimony meeting on Sunday. I sat next to Oskar and I could tell he had some things on his mind. He asked me, "If I want to be baptized, do I have to share my testimony?" I should have said "YES!" but I told him the truth, "No." But I emphasized how it would be totally awesome if he did! I told him a testimony is just like a prayer.There are not "wrong" testimonies. He continued to think about it. Later on through the meeting I felt encouraged to ask him again, he told me he wanted to but he was kind of nervous. I wonder why? Maybe because it can be so intimidating that is why! I asked him if it would help if I sat up at the front and he nodded. So up to the front we went and O gave the most beautiful and sincere testimony. 

I followed him after and NEW RECORD! I shared my testimony without crying! I think Heavenly Father was proud of me. Sister Grgich would be so proud of me!

Anyways being a part of something so sweet, like helping someone learn of the simple truths of the gospel and then acting, it is so beautiful. That is why I am here and I feel so blessed to be able to help out in this work. What an unexpectedly beautiful Sunday it was. 

I hope you all have a great week, 
siostra Young

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