Tuesday, April 26, 2016


You all thought I was leaving. I even thought I was leaving! PSYCH! Guess where this email is coming from- GDAŃSK! Now there are a few ways one can interpret why I am still here:

1. There is something I still need to do here that I haven't done

2. They need me to keep doing whatever I'm doing (I'm just irreplaceable I guess you could say)

3. They don't know what to do with me and they know I love it here, so they figure why not?

4. I'm at a loss for words, I really don't have a clue

I think it is safe to say, I am the new Queen of Gdańsk. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my baby. They grow up so fast! She is now in Wrocław and I stinking miss her!! However she is going to be the STL for the South Zone and so we will see each other on Saturday when we have a meeting in Warsaw.

This transfer I'm with lovely and too cute Siostra DeMordaunt. She was in the MTC with Siostra Dekker and has been in only Szczeciń. We've already gotten to know each other a bit from exchanges and I am excited to serve with her. I feel like this 8 week transfer though is just going to feel like one long exchange! And well exchanges are a blast and full of wonders so, I think it's going to be a good adventure! 

Oh crazy fun bit: apparently S. Demordaunt had seen my blog before going into the MTC and had said to her mom, "Wouldn't it be fun to serve with a sister like her?" What's that, I look like fun? Kidding but HOW COOL IS THAT? Miracles. Anyways, I'll have to let you know more about Siostra DeMordaunt next week.

This last week we met with some members and really just tried to make the most of our time here. Quick update on the couple G & J we met around Easter time. We've been in contact with them and are set up to meet with them at the beginning of May. (They're a pretty busy family.) Anyways J had told us he is almost finished reading the Księga Mormona! Who does that? People who are seriously interested in the Gospel, that's who. He is probably finished by now. Siostra Dekker and I were so shocked, why is this couple so amazing? And their son came again to our English class.

One of our goals from the transfer was to build up our English class. We started fresh, new day of the week, new time. We really wanted to target intermediate level speakers and especially student. We kinda thought it was a failure except these last couple of weeks we have had so many people! By so many I guess I mean 12 not including the missionaries. They are 12 super awesome students though. One of them just did a crazy Red Bull challenge across Europe. He basically hitchhiked around Europe with his team, and they had to do a bunch of challenges and checkpoints as they traveled. You can check out his team's blog if you want at "Adventuretime.com.pl" and he is the one in the picture on the left. We met him when we did a uni presentation about our faith and beliefs. Anyways, basically we get to meet the coolest people and English is one of those ways. 

I am excited to see what this transfer holds in store!

Here are some pictures from the last week of the transfer:
-Westerplatte take two (there will probably be a take 3 and four and...)
-we kept walking by this pasta house and so we made a goal to go and eat there before the transfer was up. It's the kinda place you would like Dad, very simple with fresh ingredients. You choose from the selection of pasta noodles for the day, then you choose from the selection of sauce's for the day and then you can add things like cheese, olives, itd.

-some days not even the pigeons listen, but that doesn't stop us from trying

well here goes another 8 weeks in Gdańsk! Stay tuned next week when I'll be one year older and wiser too, 

Siostra Young

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