Tuesday, April 26, 2016

round one of exchanges? Check

First off, picture from last last week
-nothing like mashed banana and oats on one's face! (Yeah I know, not the best quality)

Alright well this week was... wait for it, the Old Lady at the Dom Opieki would say, "THE BEST ONE!" Why? I don't know if I can really explain, everything was so good. We were able to meet more people than before, we had many great conversations, we've gotten referrals (that doens't really happen often), we actually made some of our goals (for once!), and we are even more excited for this week. It is like the hope meter and took a full turn and now there is so much potential building up. 

We started out wih an exchange with the Szczeciń siostry. That was wild and fun. Sister Dekker and I got to be even CLOSER. Our sleeping arrangements were a little creative because the apartments are really equipped to have four sisters. We had some sister power and took turns switching things up. We did a little bit of finding, some service, and some teaching. We even took a really early tram ride to the beach because I wanted to make Sister Sloan's dream of seeing the beach come true. Let's jsut say it started out as a good idea, but we had to wake up a little earlier than normal and it may have taken a toll on Siostra Dekker and I. Let;s just say we aren't going to mention it when the sister from Bydgoszcz (Sisters Craig and Kamp) get here.

I think our miracle for the week was when we were contacting. Thanks to the warmer weather, people actually don't mind talking to us! We met a mum and her lovely little daughter. The mum spoke beautiful English with a lovely English accent. She asked us for our number. She wanted ours! That alone is a miracle. We also got hers though to be safe. We shared a message about families and we gave her a księga mormona. Yesterday afternoon we set up with her and if all goes well, we will be meeting her in her home this week!! 

Anyways time is running out, but miracles are happening here! We had a great week and it was hard to believe when it was over. Round two of exchanges here we go!

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